An article on marijuana and erectile dysfunction

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Erectile dysfunction is a medical condition that effects men where they cannot get or keep an erection. The side effects of marijuana in men includes erectile dysfunction and other sexual health problems. Many states have legalized marijuana for medical use, but ED is not in the list of medical conditions to be treated with medical marijuana. It can improve the mood but it can have a negative effect on sexual performance. ED is a common condition which effects millions of males and can lead to stress and other mental disorder.

Men should not be concerned if ED happens now and then, that is not something to be worried about. But if it frequently happens it may be due to some other condition. If that is the case, the condition should be treated and the ED will get resolved too. Several states have approved marijuana for medical use. But it is yet to get thumbs up from the FDA to be used for any medical condition.

4Some few conditions which are eligible for medical marijuana are Alzheimer’s disease, glaucoma, cancer, PTSD, nausea, seizures and epilepsy, hepatitis C, HIV/AIDS, wasting diseases, multiple sclerosis and pain relief. ED is not in the list. But there are some states that use marijuana for conditions that are not on the approved list. The subject of marijuana and erectile dysfunction is not solved yet. Some reports that marijuana improves sexual experience, while some reports of conditions like erectile dysfunction and inability to achieve orgasm.

Based on several reports and information collected it can be said that marijuana can increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. The feeling of high when the THC reaches the brain can interfere with the normal functions.

Some high quality studies has been conducted on the connection between marijuana and sexual health. Whether it is beneficial is dependent on several factors. The type of strain used, the user’s health and things like that. If you think you are suffering from ED, you should consult your doctor and let him tell you the benefits and risks involved in using marijuana.


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