Cannabis sativa and cannabis sativa vs indica

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Cannabis or marijuana can be classified under three sorts, specifically ruderalis, sativa and indica. From your popularity point of view however, sativa and indica are considered the two main cannabis strains. Below are some of the crucial characteristics which could help distinguish between the two.

One of the easiest ways to distinguish between indica and sativa plants is through their appearance. Sativa plants are generally tall with wiry stocks and leaves that are thin. Indica plants in contrast are not long and bushy with leaves that are broad and complete. Grown largely outside, sativa plants can reach heights up to 18 feet in optimum conditions. Cannabis sativa helps in energizing the smoker with powerful cerebral effects and is usually smoke during the day. Sativas tend to have a lighter and fruity aroma.

sativa vs indica seeds

sativa vs indica plants strains are understood to have a powerful sweet or sour smell to the buds which supplies an extremely relaxing and powerful body high appropriate for treating sleep disorders, body pain, and conditions like general stress. Indica buds are largely smoked by users during the night or evening time. The sativa strains, on the other hand have a tendency to have a more grassy type scent to the buds which supplies a dynamic, uplifting and cerebral high appropriate for smoking that is daytime. A sativa high is considered to be filled with vigor and creativity and this can be the reason why many artists use this particular breed to create paintings and art. Hence these are some of the differences between indica and sativa cannabis plants.

Over the years scientists and research workers who have analyzed the differences between cannabis Indica and Sativa have managed to think of some theories depending on genetics. One theory that is particular clarifies that indica plants possess high THC: CBD ratios while on the other hand sativa plants have high CBD: THC ratios. Another theory suggests that a common cannabis species originated before being divided into distinct sativa and indica gene pools.

The indica strains that are most popular available today can be Kush, White Widow and Northern Lights. Products like Mauwie Wauwie and Purple Haze are a couple of well known sativa forms of cannabis.


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