Choosing Real-World Plans For does weed make you stupid

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Does wed kill brain cells is a commonly asked question. Bud affects the brain, but will not kill brain cells, although there’s more evidence that weed cause rain damage. Your brain affects. The main active ingredient in weed is called THC.

A 2012 study from the Duke University has led us to consider, in part at least, that smoking marijuana can be damaging to the cleverness of young people. This really is particularly common during adolescent development, i.e., during the teen years and into early maturity, with the study concluding that marijuana use leads to:

The question on does cannabis make you does weed kill brain cells have become irrelevant, because weed has proven to be extremely helpful as these study results are good news. For example, it helps people better cope with pain ranging from long-term pain. Additionally, it helps control blood sugar and weight gain, and ignites creativity in lots of people.

It helps even and with tension and worry with PTSD. In cancer patient, weed not only alleviates pain, it increases appetite and battle nausea. Though pot doesn’t come with some negative effects, but people who smoke may have respiratory problems for example wheezing and chronic bronchitis.

So, if cannabis does not lead to IQ drop, what does? One response may come in the form of a mix variables such as for example socioeconomic status, mental illness, alcohol, hard drugs and other influences touched on by marijuana studies. Rather than decrease IQ, cannabis use for many people helps them stretch their mental and physical muscles. Thus, you have the answer to the question does marijuana make you stupid.


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