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Europe is a continent that is constituted of the westernmost part of Eurasia. It’s also the 6th biggest continent on earth with 47 countries. When we consider the mapa evropy we locate the Arctic Ocean in the north, the Atlantic Ocean in the west, the Mediterranean Sea in the south. There aren’t any geographical bounds however; it is separated from Asia due to the watershed of the Caucasus and Ural Mountain. In the east we may also get the Ural River, the Caspian the waterways of the Turkish Straits and also the black sea in the mapa evropy.

As we travel, we truly need an excellent map for our convenience. Being in a century where tablets and smart phones are good guides it really is easy to locate our map with the GPS functions but it’s still better to really have a good paper map as a copy so that you may not run the possibility of a dead cell phone. Being one among the biggest continent, its cultures are also diverse making it a great tourist destination. Individuals who look for skiing normally go for Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland. For a lazy summer places like Greece, Spain and Croatia are the greatest.

mapa evropy

When we take a look at the real mapa evropy, we see that a lot of the continent is plain among which the North European Plain is the one that is dominant. Europe includes a variety of mountain ranges; some few are the Alps as well as the Caucasus Mountains. We’ll discover the maximum mountain of Europe in Russia, the Mt Elbrus (5642 meters high). Naming some few of its significant rivers are Danube, Loire, Seine, Rhine and Volga. Among these, Danube is the longest.

Geographical map generally indicate places and elevation of the united states. In a standard map the bottom stage are indicated in dark green colour which indicate lowlands and as the altitude gets higher the colour fades to green that was lighter. The blue colour indicates the image of water. Yellow colors represent high altitude places. Mountain ranges are marked by brown colour for example the Alps.

The form of Europe is exceptional as it’s many peninsulas and internal water bodies. In reality Europe cannot be exactly termed as a continent instead it is part of Eurasia peninsula. The climatic states of Europe also differ in the western coast and the Southern coast where one finds Maritime climate and one other experience Mediterranean climate.


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