Points to Remember While Preparing Palačinky

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Opt for a decent quality non stick pan that ensures even heating across the entire pan. Scoops with rugged metal edges may cause scratches on non stick pans and so it will be averted. While purchasing nonstick things ensure that it’s coated using a good quality nonstick stuff to stop the food from sticking. Nonstick coating have become effective and are great for Palačinky as well as other items that cook fast.

Until you achieve the appropriate feel, begin by furnishing moderate quantity of liquid slightly significantly less in relation to the recipe demands and raise the amount steadily. Break the eggs open and add in the concoction that is watery. Mix the mixture equally with the egg beater or an electric whisk. Whisk the mixture till you detect a smooth runny batter. Stir in and add the extract of fresh lemon flavor or any essence you prefer, the most typical ones being vanilla. 1 teaspoon of extract per batch of pancake batter is the advisable quantity.




The essence makes it finer and adds a hint of flavor that is extra to the Palačinky. Add 1 teaspoon of sugar per batch of batter and also make sure that the proportion of baking soda is appropriate. This will definitely make the pancakes lighter and fluffier.

After the batter is prepared let it settle for some time to ensure each of the ingredients are blended together as desired. Leave the batter ideally for an hour at least as it allows air to build inside the batter. Cover the better and let it season to accomplish light and fluffy pancakes. Do not stir it again once your batter has rested.

There really are various options and might also depend on the makers’ taste, for topping. Fruits like berries, apples, and pineapples, and honey, can be accompaniments that are prefect.


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